What is Pursuit 365?

Our mission is to support our incredible community and their networks in celebrating and expanding the pursuit of meaningful work and an authentic life.

Our approach to supporting and celebrating our community is built upon three pillars; inspiring stories of real people; curating value-added resources; and cultivating a dedicated and supportive community.


Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone has a story, and that true inspiration comes from sharing those stories and finding value through listening. Pursuit:365 is a platform meant to facilitate curiosity and generate the authentic connections required to facilitate a remarkable life.

When I heard about the Pursuit 365 book being developed, I was in awe. 365 diverse women of all ages, walks of life, and nationalities, all in a book by their choice and at a cost that was affordable. Read More...

Marilyn R. Wilson Freelance Writer, Published Author, Speaker

It’s a very satisfying and beautiful experience - to be part of a creative endeavour that lifts up and shines a light on women from every walk of life. Important stories- testaments to what it is to be here and to be human. Read More...

Jann Arden

Pursuit 365" allowed me to look back on my own life through a lens of curiosity. Finding that one time that gave me grit, passion, skills and vision, and to put it into 365 words, was brilliant. This is such a revolutionary idea of bringing Canadian women's stories to life in one beautifully bound book. Read More...

Lynda Honing

Everyone has a story to tell. Yet I didn’t think mine would be of interest and certainly not one to be in a book and later in Fresh Magazine that entailed a focus on women and their accomplishments, successes and happiness. Read More...

Jill E. Ganton Online Interior Designer, Published Author, Retired Teacher

I was inspired to be a co-author in Pursuit 365 when I heard the mission. What I hadn’t realized was the reach and impact being connected to so many women would have on me AND my business. Read More...

Jen Govier

"When I heard about the opportunity to be a co-author in a new book featuring female Canadian entrepreneurs, I knew this book would be magical and wanted to be a part of it. Read More...

Crystal Bonnet

    Our Approach

    Inspiring Stories

    The stories in Pursuit:365 are of accomplishment, overcoming, and fulfillment. Be inspired through the celebration of resilience and learn through listening to a diverse array of inspiring stories.

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    If listening is step one, taking action is step two, so we have compiled and curated an ever-expanding platform of resources to inspire and generate action in your life, career, and beyond!

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    The Pursuit:365 community is comprised of incredible individuals who are dedicated to the pursuit of fulfillment. Success is more meaningful with a community pledged to back you.

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