Sonya Janisse

Accountabililty Coach at Fresh Approach Fitness

St. Thomas, Ontario Canada

About Sonya Janisse

A bit about the author…
Having started life out in small-town Ontario, Sonya Janisse was fired by the desire to see what life was like outside her community and like many young people, was full of excitement at the prospects of following “The Dream” of landing a high-powered job, owning a big house, finding the perfect man and being a perfect mom. It is the same illusion that so many are led into thinking is a sign of success. After years of missed moments with family, feelings of just going through the motions, and realizing the realities of the true struggles of balancing long, stressful work hours, children, personal relationships and societal expectations, she began to take a long hard look at why working for “The Dream” was not making her life better or happier. She started to realize that “The Dream” was not really what she needed or wanted out of life. She bravely left those societal ideals behind in order to discover not only what she truly wanted from life, but also how she wanted to get there. It took a while, like any truly worthwhile puzzle, to put all the pieces into place.

Now she makes it her passion to help others to truly look at their lives and to find the pieces they need to start to build their own picture of what it means to live their best life.
Now, she loves what she does and who she has become. She is in love with life and living it on her terms.

Sonya wears many hats and has expanded her message and her bright spirit to find ways to help all who need it. She has returned to her small town roots, but now she has the ability to reach out to the whole world. As a proud mom, doting grandmother, personal trainer, wellness coach, accountability coach, network salesperson, inspiring podcaster, and published author, Sonya is living her best life and loving every minute of it!
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