Billie Aadmi

Founding Member at Awakend

Vancouver, BC Canada

About Billie Aadmi

Hi I’m Billie! Single Mom of 2 beauties and 1 fur baby! First Responder, Real Estate Investor, Co-author and HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH! (Not in that order ;). Awakend is a company that I chose to align myself with as I see the constant struggle people have with their health! Being someone myself that has tried every diet, fat loss supplement, and new fad out there, I have always struggled with keeping the weight off! Well now I know why!!! The culprit is LEPTIN! The leptin system is what is responsible for telling your brain to either “keep eating and store fat” OR “stop eating and burn fat”. Well the problem is that many people are Leptin resistant! Hence why it’s so hard to drop fat and keep it off! Our company has a double patented, clinically studied HORMONE-BALANCING FAT LOSS ACCELERATOR! It will be a GAMECHANGER for your health! Reach out and I will show you how it all works! Yours in optimal health, Billie

PS. Looking for partners to join the Awakend SQUAD! Don’t just get skinny…. GET SKINNY AND RICH!!!! 🙂 😉

Yours in Optimal Health,

Billie Aadmi, B.Ed., B.H.K.

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